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Barrel Threading / Barrel Shortening.

We are able to offer all types of barrel threading for moderators and muzzle brakes. All of Our threads are single point cut on a lathe not a die, and are concentric to the bore to provide an accurate and safe mounting point for any muzzle device. Finally, after threading, we usually cut a 11 degree target crown but all other crown options are available.

Any thread configuration can be cut, but depending on the rifle and its use, we commonly use M18 x 1, 5/8" UNF and 1/2" UNF

Barrel Threading Service. £70

For an additional cost we can also supply a thread cap/ protector with either a knurled finish, or the smooth "invisible" type.

Thread cap from £20

Barrel re-crowning only £40

The Barrel Threading / Muzzle Threading Process

Barrel mounted and dialed in concentric
to bore.

Barrel turned down ready for threading.

Barrel threading service.

Single point threading.

Barrel threaded ready for crowning.

Barrel crowned to 11deg. target crown

Rifle threading service.

Barrel crowning service.

Just a couple of examples of our muzzle threading / cutting service.

One of our invisible end caps.

invisible thread cap.

invisible thread protector.

We can manufacture practically any thread cap that you may require.

Black knurled thread cap.

Stainless steel thread cap.

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