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Here at J.R. Firearms we will only build custom rifles based on top quality components. Whether it's a semi custom build based on a Remmington, Howa, Tika or Sako or a complete one off build you can be assured only top quality components will be used. All of the gunsmith work carried out on our semi custom rifles or complete rifle builds with the exception of barrel fluting is done in house. Barrel fluting is carried out at the point of manufacture, this ensures the barrel is fully stress relieved after the fluting process.

Custom rifle.

The Barrel:
Our preferred choice for quality and accuracy, are UK made Border Barrels from Sassen Engineering. But of course we can supply stainless steel and chrome-moly barrels from a manufacturer of your choice if you would prefer it.
We commonly use barrel lenghs from 16" to 32" with twist rates from 1:6.5 through to 1 :18 depending on the weight of the bullet being used and intended purpose of the rifle.
We carry a popular range of chamberings, for example .223, .243 etc. But all calibres can be sourced on request. All chambering work is carried out in house using Manson Reamers, the best reamers money can buy. Using Manson reamers in conjunction with our through barrel presured oil flushing system produces the best possible finish to the chamber.

The Action:
If you require a complete custom rifle build then we can supply actions from - Borden, Stiller, Mausingfield and Defiance Machine Tool.

The Stock:
We can supply stocks from various manufacturers such as
- Bell and Carlson, Manners, Robertsons and Mcmillan.

Our semi custom and full custom rifles will usually be proofed by The London Proof House.

Please note: All custom rifle builds are subject to a 50% down payment, being paid at the time your order is placed. This is non refunable.

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