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Bolt Fluting Service UK.

Why not set your rifle apart from the rest with a fluted bolt. We can flute most rifle bolts, including Remington 700 short action, Remington 700 long action, Sako 75, Sako 85, Tikka T3, Tikka T3X, Tikka 590, Tikka 595, Howa 1500, Begara B14.

If your rifle is not listed, please get in touch as we may still be able to help you. All of our rifle bolt fluting is done in house on a Haas CNC milling machine with full fourth axis capabilities.

We write all of our own programs and tool paths, which enables us to offer a fluting service which is second to none.

Serveral patterns are available, including Straight, helical and diamond. Helical fluting is avaiable in different twist rates. Bolts are fluted with 6 flutes as standard, but we can vary this upon request. The flutes can be cut with a standard radius or multi-faceted.

Please note:Diamond pattern is not suitable for all rifles.

Please take at look at the pictures below which will give you some idea of the final finish.

Price £100

A few pictures showing the bolt fluting patterns available.

Remington 700 with multi-faceted Spiral flutes.

Bolt fluting.

 Spiral fluted with standard radius flutes.

Spiral fluted bolt.

Diamond flutes.

diamond fluted bolt.

Remington 700 Action showing our spiral pattern.

Rifle bolt fluting on a Remington 700 short action.

Below is a typical setup on our Haas CNC 4 axis Mill.

Haas VF0E CNC Milling Machine.

Available for most makes of rifles.
Remington - Howa - Sako - Tikka - Begara

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements

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